Acid Dyes

Acid Dyes and Blends

Engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of blends of acid dyes. These blends not only give shades as per the current requirements but also replace the dyes which have been banned from manufacturing and usage in the textile industry.

CI NameForm
Acid Milling Red GNB (Replacement of Acid Red 85)PowderLeather
Acid Milling Red RSM (Replacement of Acid Red 114)PowderLeather
Acid Milling Red Brown 2R-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Red Brown RR-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Brown R-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Brown RL-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Brown BRI-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Brown HFI-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Brown IFB-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Brown HGIN-MPowderLeather
Acid Milling Black RB-MPowderLeather

Acid Red 249

Excellent product for leather dyeing with good solubility and penetration.

Acid Red 88

Excellent product with good fastness and tone. Problem of spotting has been eliminated in woollen fiber dyeing.

Acid Dyes

Product Details:
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange
  • Types: Strong
  • Material Type: Wool, Silk, Nylon, Fur, Feathers
  • Classification: Fast Acid

Our acid dyes are extensively used in various industries like stationary water soluble inks, nylon, silk, wood coatings, leather, paper and wool manufacturing.


CI NameCI Name
Acid Yellow 1Acid Red 88
Acid Yellow 14Acid Red 97
Acid Yellow 17Acid Red 106
Acid Yellow 19Acid Red 141
Acid Yellow 23Acid Red 142
Acid Yellow 25Acid Red 260
Acid Yellow 29Acid Red 283
Acid Yellow 49Acid Red 337
Acid Yellow 79Acid Red 361
Acid Yellow 127Acid Red 419
Acid Yellow 158:1Acid Red 449
Acid Yellow 199Acid Blue 1
Acid Yellow 200Acid Blue 7
Acid Orange 3Acid Blue 15
Acid Orange 7Acid Blue 25
Acid Orange 10Acid Blue 29
Acid Orange 24Acid Blue 40
Acid Orange 51Acid Blue 92
Acid Orange 116Acid Blue 133
Acid Red 1Acid Blue 277
Acid Red 18Acid Blue 359
Acid Red 35Acid Green 68:1
Acid Red 37Acid Green 111
Acid Red 52Acid Brown 14
Acid Red 57Acid Brown 100
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