Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent Pigments


The microfine particle size of Shidimo Fluorescent Pigments, ensure their dispersibility in textile binder using a high speed stirrer. Shidimo Fluorescent Pigments are suitable for kerosene binder printing paste and discharge printing paste. Shelf life of these paste being limited, it is advised that freshly prepared paste is used to get optimum output from Shidimo Fluorescent Pigments. Stability of Shidimo Fluorescent Pigments is high during the polymerization and finishing process ensuring cQnsistently brilliant prints each time. Please ensure pH of printing binder paste is between 5 and 6 for optimum results and to avoid alkaline conditions during printing and finishing. We recommend use of 8 - 10% owp for manual screen printing and 13-15% owp for machine screen printing.

Kerosene Binder Stock Paste Recipe for Printing
Recipe for 10% owp
Textile Binder (SLN)10 KgsTotal Stock Paste86 Kgs
Water10 KgsFluoresecent Pigment10 Kgs
Urea5 KgsCatalyst (DAP)02 Kgs
Kerosene75 KgsFixer (CCL)02 Kgs
Total Stock Paste100 KgsTotal Paste100 Kgs

Stock Solution Recipe for Dyeing Recipe
Recipe for 2% Dyeing
Textile Binder (SLN)6.00 KgsStock Solution25 Kgs
Water91.05 KgsFluoresecent Pigment02 Kgs
Fixer (CCL)0.20 KgsTextile Binder (SLN)02 Kgs
Pidilite T.K.F.2.75 KgsWater71 Kgs
Total Stock Paste100 KgsTotal Paste100 Kgs


Important instructions for using Shidimo Fluorescent Pigments for the manufacture of printing inks.

  • Triple roll grinding, ball milling, sand milling, attritoring and other heavy impact grinding methods should be avoided to prevent the deterioration of the fluorescence and brightness of the pigments.
  • Please avoid heat generation during the process of high speed stirring for the preparation of a homogeneous dispersion in a liquid medium. Suitable emulsifiers and catalysts should be used for improved results. Solvent resistence chart as enclosed herein should be referred to avoid faulty preparations.
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