Metal Complex Dyes

Metal Complex Dyes 1:1

We are one of the reliable manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of an extensive range of 1:1 metal complex dyes. These dyes are processed as per the international standards and have the optimum light fastness and wet fastness.

CI NameCI Name
Acid Yellow 99Acid Green 12
Acid Orange 74Acid Brown 83
Acid Red 186Acid Brown 97
Acid Red 198Acid Brown 289
Acid Blue 158Acid Black 52
Acid Blue 314Acid Black 84

Metal Complex Dyes 1:2

We are leading manufacturers, exporter and supplier of Metal Complex Dyes. These dyes are used in various industries like textile paint etc. These dyes range are available in industry leading prices with different colour. The properties of these dyes are solubility in solvents, light and heat fastness.

CI NameCI Name
Acid Yellow 59Shidolan Yellow 2GLN
Acid Yellow 114Shidolan Yellow GL
Acid Yellow 194Shidolan Yellow 3RL
Acid Yellow 204Shidolan Yellow M-5RL
Acid Yellow 220Shidolan Yellow M
Acid Yellow 241Shidolan Yellow 2GN
Acid Orange 60Shidolan Ornage 2RL
Acid Orange 61Shidolan Orange GC
Acid Orange 80Shidolan Orange RL
Acid Orange 86Shidolan Orange RL
Acid Orange 142Shidolan Orange MLN
Acid Orange 162Shidolan Orange
Acid Red 183Shidolan Red GRE
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