Mordant Dyes & Direct Dyes

Mordant And Direct Dyes

Our Mordant Dyes & Direct Dyes are in huge demand for accurate composition and precise pH value.

Mordant Dye


CI Name Product Name
Mordant Black 11Chrome Black

Direct Dyes

CI NameCI Name
Direct Yellow 11Direct Blue 1
Direct Yellow 44Direct Blue 15
Direct Yellow 50Direct Blue 71
Direct Orange 34Direct Blue 86
Direct Orange 39Direct Blue 86
Direct Red 16Direct Blue 199
Direct Red 23Direct Violet 9
Direct Red 31Direct Violet 13
Direct Red 80Direct Violet 35
Direct Red 81Direct Violet 51
Direct Red 111Direct Violet 66
Direct Red 239Direct Black 19 SF
Direct Red 239 Salt FreeDirect Black 56
Direct Red 239 LiquidDirect Black 80
Direct Red 254Direct Black 155
Direct Red 254 LiquidDirect Black 168 SF
Direct Red 254 R/O

Mordant Black 11

Our M. Black 11 is extremely suitable for wool fibers and threads. With its excellent solubility and stability to harsh washing conditions, it is ideal for use in the carpet industry.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MB11

Direct Red 81

Quality maintained as per requirement of the paper industry. Suitable for cotton and nylon fabrics also.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: DR81
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